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Secure & Mindful Living

The BIG Ideas Foundation will work from Bonaire on big, bold and innovative ideas to catalyze all forms of human creativity and mindful living. These ideas would be in non-profit areas of gifted education, arts, music, film, aging, renewables, farming, fishing, sailing, housing, hospitality, etc.

Solar bikes (including “bakfiets”), solar boats, electric cars, solar roads that can be tested on Bonaire.

Mindful communities which feature cluster homes and apartments, nestled in a pristine setting, offering places for walks, hiking or biking or cruising the sea.

A. Yoga / Executive health retreat
B. 5 Star Boutique Hotel(s)
C. Michelin rated restaurant(s)
D. Yacht harbor and repair marina
E. High end Retirement and Aging facility
F. Bonaire Institutes(for giftedness, renewal energy research)
G. High quality residence developments
H. Private jet center


June 20, 2017