Mindful Spirit | The Flamingo Project
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The Flamingo Project

The Flamingo Project is a private investment initiative, which seeks commercial returns while retaining Bonaire’s cultural identity, and ensuring inclusive development of the island’s natural assets. Special attention will be made to insure that the benefits of the development are shared fairly and sustainably with island residents, including through a Flamingo Foundation.

The Flamingo Project is expected to create ‘modular’ investment opportunities that will be fully completed over a 4-5 year period. These investments will be made in existing infrastructure and in green field projects. They will build upon the major infrastructure investments that are being made by the Kingdom of the Netherlands in public services on the island. Many of these investments are funded, and under way, and some already completed.

Investment Opportunities:
The Flamingo Project will develop several stand-alone and diversified opportunities for multiple funding sources.


July 12, 2017